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What Is An Asbestos Management Survey?

An asbestos management survey is a detailed inspection and assessment conducted on a building or premises to identify the presence, type, condition, and scope of any asbestos containing materials (ACMs). A skilled and qualified surveyor who follows established guidelines, such as the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) document HSG264, conducts the survey. The survey’s primary goal is to ensure compliance with asbestos laws and create an effective management plan.

Why Is An Asbestos Management Survey Necessary?

An asbestos management survey is required for several reasons. It helps to meet legal duties related to asbestos management and control. The survey helps building owners and managers create a plan for managing asbestos to keep occupants and workers safe by identifying and evaluating ACMs. The survey report provides valuable information about the lACMs, allowing for proper monitoring, maintenance, and, if needed, corrective action.

Who Should Conduct An Asbestos Management Survey?

A competent and qualified surveyor should always carry out an asbestos management survey. The surveyor must have the knowledge, skills, and experience to identify and assess asbestos-containing materials accurately. A competent surveyor will have relevant certifications and qualifications specific to asbestos surveying. They should know current regulations, guidelines, and the best practices for a thorough and reliable survey.

How Often Should An Asbestos Management Survey Be Carried Out?

The frequency of asbestos management surveys depends on various factors. Typically, a management survey should be updated at least every two years. However, certain circumstances may require more frequent surveys. For instance, if significant changes occur in the building’s structure or use, it is important to arrange a survey to identify any newly exposed ACMs. Regular inspections should also be done to monitor the condition of ACMs and ensure ongoing safety.

Can I Do A Management Survey Myself?

Only qualified professionals should conduct an asbestos management survey. Asbestos is hazardous; accurate identification and assessment require specialised knowledge and equipment. Hiring a qualified surveyor with the necessary training, experience, and certifications is crucial for a thorough and reliable survey.

What should I expect during an asbestos management survey?

During an asbestos management survey, the surveyor will carefully inspect all accessible areas of the building, including floors, ceilings, walls, and services such as heating and ventilation systems. They may collect samples of suspected materials for lab analysis. The surveyor will record their findings, take photographs, and note the condition of any identified ACMs. 

Are There Any Risks Associated With An Asbestos Management Survey?

An asbestos management survey carries minimal risks when a competent surveyor follows safety protocols. The surveyor will take necessary precautions to avoid disturbing any suspected ACMs during the inspection. Minor disruptions may be necessary to gain access to specific locations or gather samples.

What Should I Do If An Asbestos-Containing Material Is Found During The Survey?

If an asbestos-containing material is identified during the survey, it is essential to follow the advice provided by the surveyor in the report. Depending on the condition and location of the ACM, the surveyor may suggest various actions, such as labelling, encapsulating, or removing the material. Ensuring that the asbestos management plan addresses the identified ACMs and that qualified professionals carry out any corrective actions following established guidelines is crucial.


Unlike an Asbestos Refurbishment & Demolition Survey, an Asbestos Management Survey is non-intrusive and involves a visual inspection of accessible areas of the building, such as ceiling voids (the space between the internal roof and the ceiling), vertical risers and service ducts, without causing damage to the building.

What Happens After The Survey?

Following an asbestos management survey, the surveyor will provide a detailed report that outlines the findings. This report includes information on the location, condition, and extent of ACMs found in the building. Based on this information, an asbestos management plan is developed. The management plan includes procedures for ongoing monitoring, regular inspections, and necessary maintenance or removal. The plan should be reviewed and updated as required, ensuring it remains aligned with current regulations and best practices.

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When it comes to asbestos management surveys, AJC Asbestos is your trusted partner in ensuring safety and peace of mind. Our comprehensive survey provides all the necessary information and guidance to protect yourself, your property and those who live or work within.

With our services, you gain access to a range of benefits. Our experienced surveyors conduct thorough inspections, identifying any asbestos-containing materials within your premises. By doing so, we empower residential property owners, commercial property owners, and construction companies to comply with regulations and mitigate risks effectively.

Our asbestos surveys enable you to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions tailored to the unique needs of your property. Don’t compromise regarding safety – you can trust AJC Asbestos for reliable and professional asbestos management surveys, so contact us today.

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Luke Bobrowski
Luke Bobrowski
I can recommend this Business. 5 star service. Aaron was very helpful and explained the testing and removal process for first time buyer. He answered all queries regarding management asbestos survey for the purpose of flat purchase. He went extra mile with advice regarding future alterations planned, kitchen and bathroom. Excellent communication and response over the phone. Appointment was booked within 2 days. He dealt with estates agents independently. Complete report came following day after samples were taken. High quality report includes pictures and detailed information.
James Treasure
James Treasure
Aaron was really helpful, completing the survey within 2 or 3 days and charging a very reasonable fee. He made the process very easy.
Hesham El-Wakeel
Hesham El-Wakeel
Great service, tidy work, were able to liaise with other contractors to get a good result. Would use them again in the future.
Fergus McKeown
Fergus McKeown
AJC have been great. Answered all our questions, provided a detailed report and necessary actions, as well as being polite and punctual throughout. Highly recommend.
Natasha Giroux
Natasha Giroux
I was really impressed with Aaron’s communication, speed at which he arranged the survey and sent me the report, and quality of report. There were no hidden costs either. I would highly recommend AJC Environmental Ltd.
Charlie Green
Charlie Green
Aaron from AJC environmental Ltd was 100% a professional , we brought our first house and was told buy a flooring company that we had thermoplastic tiles and that they could be asbestos, after talking to Aaron he turned up when agreed on time carried out his work and had our results back in less than 5 hours which settled my wife's nerves as no asbestos was found Highley recommended to all A* service Thank you again.
Aaron from AJC Environmental was extremely supportive and helpful through the initial contact, quoting, communication of when the asbestos survey would be carried out and explaining the results. He took time and care to explain any questions we had on the survey of the results and provided honest, sincere feedback and recommendations. Thanks Aaron. Anyone needing services his company provides should look no further!
Logan Scales
Logan Scales
I reached out to AJC Environmental Ltd to obtain a quote for an asbestos management survey on a property we're buying. Aaron was exceedingly helpful from the off, and offered a great price, that beat most of the other quotes we got. Aaron booked it in within the same week, and provided an extensive report with pictures and sample results/certificate the next day. I'd highly reccomend this company to anyone looking for these types of surveys!
Stephen Ashley
Stephen Ashley
I needed an urgent asbestos report on a weekend for a property sale. Of the five companies I contacted only AJC Environmental came back to me offering an immediate appointment. Aaron was extremely punctual and professional, doing his job efficiently and quickly and producing his report later on the same day exactly as promised. I would not hesitate to recommend his company.
Lizzie Smith
Lizzie Smith
I contacted Aaron as we were in the later stages of buying our first home and had some concerns about asbestos in the property. Aaron answered all questions very promptly and was able to complete the asbestos management survey in less than a week which was much appreciated. He turned around the report fast too! As someone that did not know anything about asbestos Aaron was very professional and reassuring and spent the time going through things step by step. Would definitely recommend - very reasonable price too!

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