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Textured coatings, also known as decorative coatings or Artex, are used to create textured patterns or designs on walls and ceilings. They were popular in the UK and other countries from the 1950s to the 1980s, and were made using a mixture of gypsum plaster and asbestos fibres.

Older Artex, often contained a type of asbestos called Chrysotile. The amount of asbestos in Artex was relatively low, at around 1-2% but some products contained as much as 4%. Artex stopped using asbestos in its products in the mid 1980s, although other brands continued after this date and many shops would have older Artex stock still on sale.

Why artex ceilings were used

Textured coatings with asbestos were often used to cover imperfections or damage to walls and ceilings and were applied to make patterns and textures, mainly swirls, stippling, and popcorn finishes. They were also used to create decorative effects like borders or used on focal points in a room.

Why asbestos in artex ceilings was banned

Asbestos, was banned in 1999 after it became evident it was causing serious health issues, but it is still prevalent in many UK homes today. If undisturbed and sealed, it is unlikely to cause a problem, but when disturbed and asbestos fibres become airborne and inhaled, they can cause irreversible problems. These include lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma, all of which are life-threatening.

Due to the health risks related to asbestos exposure, many countries banned using asbestos in textured coatings in the 1980s. These days, textured coatings are less widely used, and made with safer materials such as acrylic or water-based compounds, which do not contain asbestos or other harmful substances.

Expert Artex Ceiling & Wall Removal

Asbestos textured coating removal requires safely removing coatings that contain asbestos. Removing asbestos textured coating from a room should be done by competent professionals trained in asbestos removal and following the correct HSE safety procedures. The removal process typically involves wetting the walls or ceiling, carefully removing the coating from the surface, and then disposing of it securely in a hazardous waste facility.

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At AJC Environmental, we’re available to remove any asbestos-containing material, from textured coatings to roofing to flues. We’re experts in asbestos surveys and removal and can tell you if asbestos is present in your building and the best way forward.

We can resolve any potentially lethal asbestos problem by safely removing the material following the guidelines set by the HSE. Our team is fully qualified and insured. We throughout the southeast in Kent, Essex, and London.

If you suspect textured coatings in your building may contain asbestos, contact us today. We provide a fast, proficient service at a competitive price, without compromising on safety.

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Paula Abear
Paula Abear
I cannot fault this company at all. My emails were answered promptly and when scheduled to come he turned up on time. He made minimal mess and the report we were left with,after samples were tested, was very extensive. Although he was not the cheapest quote we got, we went with this company as it was local to us. We are pleased that we did. I would recommend them fully.
Nicholas Gomersall
Nicholas Gomersall
Super fast communication before and after the job. Guys phoned before arrival to confirm ETA. Fast and efficient service at a reasonable cost, very professional. Recommended.
Patricia Gough
Patricia Gough
We used Aaron to obtain an Asbestos Report on a residential flat. At each stage he was efficient and kept us informed. His fee was reasonable and he produced a thorough report which he was happy to discuss further once received. John G
Luke Bobrowski
Luke Bobrowski
I can recommend this Business. 5 star service. Aaron was very helpful and explained the testing and removal process for first time buyer. He answered all queries regarding management asbestos survey for the purpose of flat purchase. He went extra mile with advice regarding future alterations planned, kitchen and bathroom. Excellent communication and response over the phone. Appointment was booked within 2 days. He dealt with estates agents independently. Complete report came following day after samples were taken. High quality report includes pictures and detailed information.
James Treasure
James Treasure
Aaron was really helpful, completing the survey within 2 or 3 days and charging a very reasonable fee. He made the process very easy.
Hesham El-Wakeel
Hesham El-Wakeel
Great service, tidy work, were able to liaise with other contractors to get a good result. Would use them again in the future.
Fergus McKeown
Fergus McKeown
AJC have been great. Answered all our questions, provided a detailed report and necessary actions, as well as being polite and punctual throughout. Highly recommend.
Natasha Giroux
Natasha Giroux
I was really impressed with Aaron’s communication, speed at which he arranged the survey and sent me the report, and quality of report. There were no hidden costs either. I would highly recommend AJC Environmental Ltd.
Charlie Green
Charlie Green
Aaron from AJC environmental Ltd was 100% a professional , we brought our first house and was told buy a flooring company that we had thermoplastic tiles and that they could be asbestos, after talking to Aaron he turned up when agreed on time carried out his work and had our results back in less than 5 hours which settled my wife's nerves as no asbestos was found Highley recommended to all A* service Thank you again.
Aaron from AJC Environmental was extremely supportive and helpful through the initial contact, quoting, communication of when the asbestos survey would be carried out and explaining the results. He took time and care to explain any questions we had on the survey of the results and provided honest, sincere feedback and recommendations. Thanks Aaron. Anyone needing services his company provides should look no further!

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